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Airport Taxi Service

When you travel, you don’t always have the luxury of taking your time. This is doubly true when it comes to airports, where unexpected delays and changes in weather can completely throw off your schedule.

This is why we are proud to offer quality airport transportation service in the Bakersfield, CA, area. We’re always prepared to take you or pick you up from the airport. We know that you can’t afford to miss that flight, so we’ll make sure you arrive on time. Our airport taxi also serves the city of Bakersfield, CA.

An airport taxi will also be in prime condition, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down unexpectedly. A reliable company will take very good care of the vehicles in its fleet. Customer service is always the first priority. We even offer home pick up.

At Downtown Taxi, we think that the finer things in life are what make it worth living. Our services can take you to the airport or just around town. For more information about our airport transportation in Bakersfield, CA, contact us today.